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Thanks be to link_worshiper for helping me with an important part of this.

It has been decided by my warped mind that these fics will be the beginning a huge crack universe I've had planned for awhile >_>

So here it is. The sequel to Devious Monkeys.

Title: No Such Thing As Circus Monkeys
Author: Adaina
Pairing: 1=2, 3=4
Warnings: Crack and stupidity. Same odd format as the first ficcage.
Summary: A conversation with Trowa about monkeys. What was Heero thinking?

"You heard me the first four times Barton. Yes, monkeys."
Eye roll and an exasperated sigh. "Yes! Monkeys! Shall I spell the word for you as well?"
Silence. A glaring contest.
"Did you check your food? Your water supply? Are you sure Duo didn't drug you again?"
Eyes close at that memory. Thankfully all evidence had been destroyed...he hoped. "That was one of the first things I did."
"And how do you know that Duo didn't do it himself?"
"Because not even Duo can move that fast!" A vein in his temple starts pulsing.
"I just find it hard to believe that you have monkeys in your apartment Heero. Ninja monkeys at that. Ninja monkeys that steal your underwear."
"You are clown in a circus and you find the existance of ninja monkeys so hard to believe?" Incredulous look.
Eye roll. "There are no monkeys in the circus Heero." The 'DUH' was implied. "There was an incident involving Catherine's skirt and a pair of scissors. We don't like to talk about it. There were children involved."
Blinking. Trowa had said it as if it was so obvious.
"Just tell me how to get rid of them!"
"I don't mess with monkeys after the incident. Besides, why do you want to get rid of them. I rather think you are enjoying the fruits of their labor." Lecherous Smirk.
Sputtering. Lots of sputtering.
"I don't know what you are talking about."
Lecherous smirk goes depraved.
"Oh don't you Heero? And I suppose, the monkeys stole your shirt and bit you all over the place as well, hmm? I know you're hot but I didn't think you were THAT hot?"
Glaring. Lots of glaring.
"I hate you."
"Oh, you wound me." That damned smirk won't go away.
A sudden sound from the background. Trowa is intrigued. Heero is tense.
"Tsk. Kitten...didn't I tell you to behave while I was in the shower."
Blushing from one. Even more depraved smirk from the other.
A glare from Heero as Trowa mouths 'Kitten' then laughs.
"I think you need to be punished..."
Vid-screens goes black. Hysterical laughter.
"Quatre, you're never going to believe this!"
Turns around and eyes widen.
"I think someone's been naughty."

-Le End-

Tags: 1=2, crackverse, fic, gw, monkeys
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